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Richard Macfarlane is the acknowledged lead practitioner in the use of TR&T requirements in contracts and agreements, working across the UK. He has worked for a wide range of agencies from central Government through to local community bodies, but primarily for local authorities, regeneration agencies and registered social landlords. The level of service can be devised to suit the context and budget available.

Typical packages are:

Introductory workshop: a half-day event that introduces the policy and legal issues in the use of TR&T in contacts and agreements and provides some examples and good practice.

Quick-start: a four-day programme that includes:

- a workshop for the team involved in a specific development to address the policy and legal issues;
- the first draft of the TR&T clauses to be included on contract notices, the pre-qualification questionnaire and the invitation to tender – a basis for discussion, amendment and adoption;
- discussion of the 'supply-side' resources that will help contractors deliver the requirements at minimum cost to the developer, and how these are introduced in the procurement process;
- 'distance support' as the procurement process is implemented.

Feasibility and Business Planning: in depth research and development for a TR&T approach within an area or for an organisation, including the development of model processes and documentation and work on the 'supply-side' services that will maximise affordability.

Retro-fit: using benchmarks, good practice and experience to help establish a voluntary agreement that maximises the achievement of TR&T through existing contracts and agreements.

Evaluations: examining the processes and outcomes of existing TR&T regimes and making recommendations on how these can be improved and sustained.

All work is directly managed and most is carried out by Richard Macfarlane. However, associates can be brought in to provide additional capacity and skills.

Richard Macfarlane has worked extensively with Anthony Collins Solicitors and legal advice can be provided by them for clients in England and Wales.

For a discussion and price for any of the above please contact Richard Macfarlane on 077688 93731 or e-mail