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SME-Friendly Procurement: The CAN DO Toolkit 2
Following on from the success of the Can Do Toolkit on targeted recruitment and training, i2i has recently launched its second Can Do Toolkit on SME friendly procurement. This publication has been produced in partnership with Value Wales and aims to give a number of options to buyers on maximising opportunities through procurement to the SME sector in Wales. Available on the i2i website –

Achieving community benefits through contracts and agreements: law, policy and practice. Richard Macfarlane and Mark Cook (of Anthony Collins Solicitors). 2002. Published by The Policy Press. ISBN 1 86134 424 4. Available as a free download from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation publications on This remains the key text on the legal and policy basis for organisations receiving public funding that wish to include TR&T requirements in contracts and agreements.

The CAN DO toolkit: targeted recruitment and training for social landlords. i2i. (inform to involve). Wales. 2008. Prepared by Richard Macfarlane with Mark Cook and Gayle Monk of Anthony Collins Solicitors. This three-part guide is available on the i2i website only – It includes a review of current legal and policy issues (UK, EC and Wales) and examples of clauses that can be used.

Community Benefits in Public Procurement. The Scottish Government. 2008. Prepared by Richard Macfarlane with Mark Cook of Anthony Collins Solicitors. ISBN 9 780755956128. This document provides policy and legal analysis and detailed case studies from the Scottish Procurement Directorate's Community Benefits in Procurement Pilot Programme. This can be downloaded from
. ISBN 9 780755956128

Using local labour in construction. Richard Macfarlane. The Policy Press. 2000. ISBN 1 86134 295 0. Available to download from publications at This includes 22 examples of the use local labour in construction, many utilising contractual methods: good practice from the 1990s that should not be lost.